Classic Memories

Make your wedding even more unforgettable!

Restored 1964 (1/2) Mustang convertible (red of course). Red dash & steering wheel, black “pony” interior, white top (only used if raining.)

Delivered to your venue of choice: wedding reception, chapel, or other private location.

$500 for 3 hours (staged). Plus delivery charges @ $1.00 per mile ( Cars are located in Anacortes, WA. USA ) .
For additional info. call/text: 360-317-6337.

ADDITIONAL Rentals available: 1959 Giuletta Spider (w/black interior). $600 plus delivery @ $1.00 per mile. ( Cars are located in Anacortes, WA. USA )

Available SUMMER of 2019:
‘67 Alfa Romeo Duetto “boat tail” as seen in the movie “The Graduate”.

KATHRYN: 360-317-6337 call or text PST